5 Things to Consider for Building on A Sloping Block

Choose the right builder

Before everything else, this is the very first thing you should take into consideration when you plan on building your house on sloping block. Always go for a building team of specialists who are experts in sloping sites.

Ensure that you also choose builders you trust and check out their portfolio to see their completed projects. Take a look at client testimonials and reviews also.

As they examine your property, the builder should give ideas and advice that will make the most of the block and location, and layout suggestions to enhance functionality. Choose a builder who can offer custom designs and house plans that go well with sloping sites.


Weather & direction

One of the advantages of building a house on flat land instead of on a sloping block is the shelter it provides against the weather and various other elements.

These houses can be shielded by the natural topography whereas houses on sloped blocks are generally more exposed. Even when encircled by trees and plants, damage can occur to your property during harsh weather.

So, give more attention to the surrounding landscape. Never ever expose your house to the chance of having a river in your driveway or the possibility of being damaged by high winds. Your builder can advise you on the ideal weatherproofing measures for your case.


Make use of slopes

Split-level houses that are normally one-storey are common on sloping blocks. This great architectural design offers a benefit of entering from the back or front door at ground level, without building retaining walls.

If you have a specialist builder, they will create a customisable design if a split-level appeal to you.


Other benefits of sloped land include:

Improved views and natural light exposure due to the elevated position.

Option to construct an underground garage.

Architecturally more fascinating layouts and levels.

Retaining walls add beauty to landscaping and outdoor areas.


Evaluating the potential return on your investment

Building a house on a sloping block might actually look costly compared to building a house on flat land, but costs can be kept affordable if you have the best builder.

In addition to that, what you spend in effort and money could double in return when it comes time to sell.

Your dream house will provide you many opportunities to express your personality, and it will have much charm and magic from its elevated position.

Express your suggestions, be open-minded, and bring it all together with your professional building team.


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