5 things to do in pench national park

5 Things to Do in Pench National Park

1. Jungle Safari:

Are you a family person searching for exciting vacation places in Madhya Pradesh? A vacation safari could be one of the most exciting things to do in Pench national park. Watch the wildlife of Pench roaming free with someone special. the whole experience of animals chasing each other for food, playing around, or reaching out to the waterhole to fetch some water makes jungle safari a must do activity in Pench. Venturing into the wild and watching the animals in their natural environment is the most fascinating thing to do in a national park.

2. Bird Watching:

The water tank area in Pench is a prime location for bird watching. Pench is also well-known for the native bird species that migrate to the national park during winters. Brahmini Duck, Pochards, Bar Headed Geese, and Coots are among the popular birds spotted in the water tank and lake area.

Don’t forget to carry your binoculars and cameras along with you to relish the best and uninterrupted shots of the exotic birds in the national park premises. The park is most popular for the 4 species of vultures found in a very large ratio in the national park: White-rumped, long-billed, white scavenger, and king vulture.

3. Night Drive & Night Safari:

6 pm to 9 pm is the best time to relish the night safari in Pench. It’s around this time that the flora and fauna species within the park can be spotted at their best. Deers, hyenas, wild dogs, a few exotic birds can be seen at the day end in the national park premises. There are a number of safari resorts like Village Machaan that organize night safaris. Make sure that you just have a proper plan in advance.

4. Elephant Ride:

Enjoy the drive at its best by sitting on an elephant’s back. The wildcat, one of the most outstanding attractions of Pench park, is spotted the best while riding an elephant. Also, an elephant ride ensures that you relish a far and better visibility of the wildlife within the national park.

5. Jungle Walk & Treks in the Park:

Jungle trek is another outstanding attraction of the Pench national park. Explore the jungles of Satpura while walking through the dense forests in the able guidance of the guides. The jungle treks is organized after seeking special permission from the forest officers. Knowledge of the special zones and their specialties is very important and one must know when and where to be to experience the biodiversity of the park at its best.

Jungle trek is highly recommended for those who are more obsessed with the flora species found inside the national park.

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