Here’s Why the Best Time to Visit Kerala is Monsoon !

Kerala is one of the most attractive places to visit at any period of the year. It is believed that December to February are the ideal months to visit. That may be so, but I also know that the monsoon creates charm in Kerala! Here are some amazing reasons and places to visit in Kerala this monsoon.
Kerala has two rainy seasons, the first begins in June and the second in mid October and eventually ends around mid November. Unlike some other places, the monsoons in Kerala do not take the form of never-ending rain over days and weeks. The typical pattern is that it rains for a few hours followed by golden interval of soft sunshine through the wet palm leaf. You can also enjoy in the occasional sunlight or bask the cool darkness of the monsoons. Enjoy the verdant greenery and colorful culture that comes live during the monsoons. The temperatures range from a maximum of 29C to 23C. Thus, monsoon is one of the best time for an escape to Kerala.

Onam Festival
To be in Kerala during the Onam festival is a glory. Onam is the harvest festival and one of the most essential festivals of Kerala. You will be able to relish the rich cultural heritage of Kerala through folk dances like Kathakali and Mohini Attam, the world’s oldest martial arts form – Kalaripayattu, flowers, traditional games, decorated elephants and elaborate meal. Festivities carry on for about 10 days, ending with Thiru Onam.
The famous Snake Boat Race, Vallamkali, on the river Pampa is also part of the celebration. Viewers, cheering for their favorite team, throng the sides of the river, as hundreds of oarsmen line their boats to finish the race first!

Best Time For Ayurvedic Treatments
People specially visit Kerala to have the famous Kerala Massage and Ayurvedic treatment. According to the ancient customs of Ayurveda, the best time period to undergo these treatments is during the monsoons. The weather is perfect – moist, cool and dust-free, opening up the pores of our skin, making the medical care more impressive. The post treatment period is also crucial for the body so that the cool healthy monsoon weather allows you to cool down as your body recover in bliss.

What better season than the monsoons to see the waterfalls in their full beauty. One can easily spend hours staring at the beauty of the gorgeous waterfalls and soaking in the surrounding beauty. Did you know, Athirapally Falls, located just about 47 km from Thrissur was one of the filming locations of the Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan starer Guru.

Beauty Of The Hills
Mattupetty is an perfect place to enjoy the magic of the monsoons! This hill station, placed at a height of 1700 meters in the Idukki hills is best best-known for the dam and beautiful lake. It will be a nice relaxing holiday, with some great walks to see shower waterfalls or you can sit indoors and watch the mist-laden hills while the rain pours down to cleanse the earth.

Ride The Backwaters
A short escape to Kerala isn’t complete without riding the backwaters. Hire a traditional house boat and sail down the 900 km stretch of backwaters. On board relish authentic South Indian cuisine and just relax while you spot many species of aquatic life like Turtles, Otters, and Crabs and beautiful birds like the Kingfishers, Cormorants and Terns that flock the place. You can also enjoy local elegance such as Toddy which is best enjoyed while cruising and relaxing your way down the backwaters. The rain just adds to the appearance with fresh greenery all around making it picture perfect! You could also make it in time to celebrate different beach festivals that take place in Alleypey such as The Allepey Beach Festival and The Sand Art Festival.

The beaches in Kerala comprise of uneven outcrops, the topography is typical and changes as you progress from the North to the South of Kerala. One feature is constant though, the beaches are all patterned with coconut trees in large numbers. Heavy groves of coconut trees spread all over the state along with much more greenery that makes the state come alive during the monsoons. The coastline is also a hub of fishing activity, so you could see fishers going about their business and using unique widget all along the beach. Enjoy, freshly cooked, spicy sea fish along the beach, good manners of the fishermen who provide the fresh produce.
Mararikulam, a village in the Alleppey district, has a beautiful beach that becomes even more eye catching during the monsoons. It’s a perfect place to relax, away from the hustle of the real world! The Marari beach has been a recipient of various honor because of it’s natural beauty and tranquility. This is a great place to get an Ayurvedic therapy too.

Great Discounts
Since it is ‘off season’, the hotels cut down their rates by almost half to attract tourists to come to the state during the monsoons. Not just that, you will also get great discounts on air tickets and transportation vehicles.

Fewer Tourists
During the peak season,the beaches and hill stations of Kerala are crowded with tourists. That’s why I recommend you to admire the real beauty of the destination during off season, when you can bask the pure beauty minus the rush. Not just that, you can also make up with different activities and things to do in Kerala at reduced rates. For me that sounds like heaven. I would have loved to make that the first reason! So what are you waiting for? Instead of staying in your home, plan a trip to Kerala this monsoon!

Budget: Rs 15,000 per person – inclusive of stay for 4 nights in 3-star hotels and sightseeing in Munnar, Thekkady and Alleppey.
Distance from Mumbai: Mumbai to Kochi & Thiruvananthapuram is approx. 2 hours by flight. You can also reach there by train or a volvo bus.
Traveler Type: Families, Friends, Couples.
So quickly plan your trip, book your hotel rooms and head straight to spend an amazing vacation in God’s Own Country!

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