How to become a Regulatory Affairs Specialist?

What is the work of Regulatory Affair Specialist?

Regulatory affairs specialists stay updated on regulations in different countries and help with negotiations to get advertising and marketing authorizations for the products or devices to be marketed. Right from the manufacturing of products to its marketing in a nation, the RA specialist serves as a channel between the companies and regulatory authorities. So, this job requires good command on science, business, writing skills.

Regulatory affairs jobs are found in pharmaceutical & biotechnology organizations, medical device companies, cosmetics, and nutritional products manufacturing companies.

What are the criteria to pursue a job in Regulatory Affairs?

Regulatory affairs specialists belong to numerous disciplines like pharmacy, science, industrial study and academics. Jobs in regulatory affairs are available at different levels depending upon the qualifications of the prospective person. People with graduate or post-graduate degree in the areas of pharmacy, life sciences, clinical sciences, business or even associated disciplines are suitable to become Regulatory Affairs Associates. Senior-level regulatory specialists are the decision-makers on several strategic as well as technical aspects associated with drug manufacturing and also marketing. Nevertheless, all the professionals go through cross-functional training so as to acquaint them with all factors of regulatory affairs. Good communication skills are a crucial requirement for this job.

How to make your career in regulatory affairs?

Many institutes offer industry-specific training courses in the sector of regulatory affairs across the globe. Institute of Pharmaceutical Management (IPM) is a leader in Regulatory Affairs training with students from multiple nations joined into various training courses. IPM provides numerous self-paced courses created by the industry experts in the sector of regulatory affairs to assist individuals to get entry into different positions like Regulatory affairs associate, executive, manager, senior-level regulatory professional etc.

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