How to Buy Shares for Beginners?

Cara Membeli Sahamwhich literally translates “How to buy shares (Stocks)”.  For those who are new in the game of Stock market, they must learn how to buy shares at first place. They should also gain maximum knowledge about investing in the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) or IDX.

Especially those who are genuinely interested in stock market, it is right place for you! Anyone can be investors. Small or large capital, it doesn’t matter

One common question of beginners, “Which is the best place to buy halal shares online and what is the registration process through brokers? as well as what documents investors need?”.

Only registering with one of the legitimate securities companies is not enough, you need to learn how to buy and sell the company’s shares. Alhamdulillah has explained everything in this article which you can find on following website –  

As a beginner, you must learn what the shares are. Please go to the link to read the explanation. Shares can be defined as units of value or bookkeeping in various financial instruments. The unit refers to the ownership part of a company.

The stock is a form of financial investment, which can be bought from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). In this way, you have ownership of the company. 

Capital gains and dividends are the two benefits you can get from the ownership of the company’s shares. Capital gain is obtained when cost of our already bought stock increases with time.


The profit in stock prices has no limit. It can be anything from 1% to 1000%. Anyone can get rich with this kind of investment.

For example, I you buy MYOR shares for Rp. 2000 per sheet and sell it for Rp. 2,300 after the increase in cost. The difference from the increase is called capital gain.


Dividends are obtained every once in a year. This dividend fund is taken from the company’s business profits on the paid up capital of investors.

Dividing dividends thoroughly in a year may lead the fall in stock prices. Due to this reason, companies divide them gradually.

The profit from dividends are generally between 2% and 5% only. Approximately around 3%. But make no mistake, if 2% when you just bought MYOR shares at a price of Rp. 2,000 is a little, but what if the price has gone up by Rp. 20,000? So that 2% can be equivalent to 20% right? 

So, this was short summary about shares and stock market. I hope this small effort of mine helped you to have better understanding about shares.


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