How To Pick The Ideal Dining Table For Your Home

If the kitchen is considered the heart of the house, sitting right next to it is the dining table.

It’s a place to get together with family and friends to share foods, enjoy special moments, do assignments and jigsaws– the dining table is among the most essential furniture choices that you will make for your home.

If picked well, a dining table will get old with you, even outlive you and hence should not be bought on a whim. Here are the essentials to think about when spending on a dining table.



The dining table needs to be selected based upon the size of the room it will be placed. Nothing makes an area look smaller than home furniture that is too big for space.

It’s a fantastic idea to measure the table that you are considering on the floor with tape first. Ensure that there is enough area to accommodate dining chairs when they are pushed in, but more essentially, when people are sitting at the table.

There should be adequate breathing room for people to sit with ease and get up and move around without thinking that they are up against a wall. Allow a minimum of 100cm space between the walls and table or other household furniture in the room.



Unless you have a big open plan space, the shape of the table will also be affected by the room.

Rectangular tables are a standard that will fit in most spaces. Consider how you like to entertain when taking into consideration the width of a rectangular

dining table– if you love to share food in the centre of the table with platters as an example, then a wider table makes more sense.

Round tables create intimacy, are fantastic for conversation and a great choice for smaller spaces as they occupy less space.

A square table can offer you the absolute best of both worlds, but they occupy more space and keep in mind the chairs will not be able to be tucked in all the way.

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