Phuket Airport Transfer Guide

Travelling in Phuket can be challenging for new travellers.But you don’t have to worry about it, we’ve tried to cover the topic about Phuket Airport transfer and Private Phuket transfer in this blog.

By using our Phuket transfer guide, you will come to know which option is the best suitable for you depending on your destination in Phuket.

Normally, travellers start their journey in Phuket from Phuket International Airport. You can find many Phuket Airport transfer options for your travelling. And each has its own pros and cons.

Read this Phuket Airport Transfer Guide to get to your destination

1. By Private Phuket Airport Transfer

It is highly recommended to book a private Phuket airport taxi service in advanced if you are travelling with a group of people.

Since it’s pre-organized, it is hassle free & reliable. It doesn’t matter at what time you are arriving in Phuket as they operate 24/7. You can get to your destination safe and sound.


  • Wide range of cars available based on your needs
    24/7 Phuket Airport transfer
  • Meet & Greet service
    Comfortable for travellers with children, seniors, or a lot of luggage


  • Advance Booking required

2. By Taxi

There are meter taxis & limousine taxis at the airport. Meter taxi in Phuket are generally cheaper than limousine taxis as long as they turn on the meter. Unfortunately, you can find less number of meter taxis in Phuket. The drivers will try to set quote a price much higher than normal. Bargaining is must from customers


  • More comfortable than a bus
  • 24/7 availability at the airport
  • Drop-off at your exact destination


  • Extra airport surcharge of 100 baht
  • Expensive taxi fare
  • Risk of getting overcharged

3. By Bus

Airport bus is the cheapest option to reach your destination from the airport. While the cheap travelling cost is the biggest advantage of airport bus, there’s some disadvantages also.


  • Cheap bus fare
  • Connects Phuket airport and Phuket town


  • Comes every 60-90 mins
  • Frequently delayed
  • No direct route to Kata/ Patong beach/ Karon/ resorts area




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