Questions to Ask Your General Practitioner

Did you know that there are almost 26,000 general practitioners in Australia? According to the most recent data provided by the Medical Board of Australia, 6,300 of them are in Victoria.

How do you decide which specialist to go with when there are so many options? What questions should you ask your current health status to determine the finest general practitioner for your needs?

Don’t worry, we’ve got a list of important questions to ask right here. These are only a handful of the most essential issues your doctor must discuss with you in order to safeguard your safety.

1. Is it possible for me to view my medical records?
In today’s environment, most patients want greater honesty from their doctors. Personal information is especially important in this regard. That is why obtaining access to your electronic health records is a great place to start.

This data can be verified because of the fact that it is set up as a table with rows and columns. It also shows you where you’re at and how to proceed.

2. What’s the current condition of my blood pressure?
Unless you have a health concern, most doctors will not discuss this or any of your other vital signs until prompted. Once your blood pressure has been taken, your nurse will most likely inform you of the results. They won’t tell you whether the findings are good or bad.

Take a look at your vitals to see whether you’re in an ideal position. This might help you figure out whether anything about your diet, exercise, or sleep needs to be changed.

3. When should I return?
Although most of our lives, a yearly examination is enough to keep your health. However, as you grow older, you may require more than one visit. As a result, ask whether you need to make any additional appointments.

If you have changed your eating habits or started taking a new medication, you may need to check upon them. You may get a health condition that needs monitoring on a regular basis.

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